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our roots

There is something very sweet, poetic even, when the right ingredients come together to make something spectacular. Love Tea came to fruition when James fell ill years ago. No one likes to see their loved ones sick in bed, so Chastity wanted to do something to make him feel better. She made a hot cup of tea: added a little cinnamon, a bit of honey, agave, a fresh squeezed lemon and the most important ingredient, a lot of LOVE. Who could have guessed that from a single cup of tea, a company would grow and deliver a product that people love and believe in?!  


James and Chastity are both from the south; James from New Orleans and Chastity from Asheville, NC.  And if you’re from the south or have family and friends from the south, you know how they can appreciate a great glass of sweet tea. So the taste of love and kindness that Chastity shared with her sick husband years ago, can now be shared and loved by all for generations to come.